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Welcome to Cherubs Nursery

We are what we repeatedly do....Excellence then, is not an act but a habit.

Cherubs Nursery and After Care is a full day care facility for 45 children with ages ranging from 3 months to 7 years inclusive.  It opened in September 1999 and since that time pursued a policy of progressive improvement in the care facilities it provides.  We offer a professional day nursery with a high standard of childcare.  We aim to provide a safe, stimulating and fun environment, for all ages.    We have designed the interior of the building with the needs of the children in mind, equipping and furnishing it to a high standard.  A wide range of toys and equipment will promote the development of each child according to their age and ability.  Activities and games will be provided which are challenging with the opportunities for exploration and discovery. 

We have qualified and experienced Nursery staff to work with your children and you.  All members of staff are trained in first aid and basic food hygiene.  They have also had criminal record checks and are registered with OFSTED the governing body.  The Children Act 1989 require that many of the policies and procedures which govern the way we run the nursery are set out in writing. A folder located on the premises is available for your perusal.

We are a community orientated business, liaising with the local primary school and their preschool nursery staff.


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