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Forest Adventures

This week at Forest Adventures we took part in a Muddy puddle walk to raise money for Save The Children. We started our walk by splashing in muddy puddles to see who could could splash the most and jump the highest like Daddy Pig. The children enjoyed a lovely walk in and around the wild gardens. The children were awarded with a certificate and a sticker for their hard work.

The children returned to the forest after the two week half term to look for effects of spring. The children noticed that the forest was greener, it was darker as the leaves have started to grow, bluebells and other plants have started to bloom and ducks have had ducklings. The children enjoyed hunting for the changes.

This week we focused our adventure on the book 'we're going on a bear hunt'.  We sang the familiar rhymes to the story, we're going on a bear hunt, were going to catch a big one.................... the children enjoyed SWISHY SWASHY through the long grass, SPLASH SPLOSH through the muddy puddles and STUMBLE TRIP through the forest.